H. L. Sheppard


May 2013




The Garden of Eden was a peaceful place of serene beauty and quietness. It was designed and planted by Heaven’s Horticulturist. God planted it with His own hands. Its waters were so pure all manner of beautiful exotic fish could be seen beneath the surface of its two crystal clear rivers.


Eve lay down to rest in lush green meadows of grass, with a lion as her pillow and a tiger for an ottoman. Adam rode a horse from one end of the garden to the other while appraising his vast estate. Nothing was vying for the other. No breathing thing had to take the life of another to live.


In the cool of the day God would slip down off his lonely throne, don his best robe, and descend from His throne room to visit the crowning glory of all His creation. Adam communed with God in the cool of the day.


When God's voice spoke the sweet trilling song of the birds was quieted. Huge lumbering elephants ceased their mighty trumpeting and the deep baritone of the bull frog could not be heard at all. The symphony of sound that made the garden ring with the perfectly orchestrated music of nature was silent and still when the voice of the Lord came calling on Adam in the cool of the day. Nothing was so wonderful, nothing was so exhilarating, nothing so impacted life in the garden, as when God spoke with man, communed with man…loved man. Eden was not just a Garden. Eden was the home God designed and built for his highest creation, a place of rendezvous where He could talk with Adam, talk with Eve. It was a place of peace, a place of rest, a place of…Harmony....UNTIL.... SIN ENTERED THE GARDEN!!!


It is SIN that destroys Harmony. When man listens to the voice of Satan, and turns off the voice of God, the inevitable result is the loss of Harmony.


Without Harmony Adam lost his divine connection with a Holy God.


Without Harmony Eve suffered intense pain while birthing new life.


Without Harmony the Garden of God fell into shameful disrepair.


Without Harmony the Tree of Life was removed from man’s reach.


Without Harmony Cain rose up in a jealous rage and murdered his brother.


Without Harmony a peaceful garden became a paradise lost, a place where Adam would never again gain access, a place he could only dream of, reminiscing about the beauty, the love, the peace forever gone.



Without Harmony the Church will lose its divine connection with a Holy God.


Without Harmony the Church will have few repentant souls to fill an altar of reconciliation.


Without Harmony sacred things will be compromised and the sanctuary of His Presence will go unattended.


Without Harmony the Tree of Life will be inaccessible and hungry souls will die, starving for a taste of the eternal.


Without Harmony brothers will rise up against brothers and sisters against sisters, destroying one another over petty differences that have eternal consequences.


Without Harmony The Church becomes a cacophony of chaos, a symphony of spiritual sickness, a funeral dirge of divine disappointment.


God’s Church must have more than just Unity. God’s Church MUST have Harmony!



The Year of Harmony!