2011 Bulletins "The Year of Possibilities"


                                                      H. L. Sheppard


October 2011


The Pine Tree and the Dogwood



Rom 14:7  "For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself."


I was saddened by the sight of it all. Near the edge of the woods a Pine tree, that had once stood over sixty feet tall, lay dead, rotting across a beautiful Dogwood tree in full Easter bloom.


The Dogwood was flattened against the wet ground. Soon, it too would die. Its exposed roots had been snatched from the moist nutrition filled soil. Its limbs were broken and bleeding sap.Some of its gorgeous blooms had already begun to turn brown, yielding to the death grip of the giant Pine.


Not too many years ago a timber company would leave scores of hardwoods, standing tall and proud across hundreds of acres, and harvest only the valuable Pine trees. Pines are literally the building blocks of modern home construction. Most of the houses built in the United States in the past one hundred years have been constructed primarily from pine wood. It has become more valuable to building construction than any other tree.


But, here was this tall handsome tree lying dead on the forest floor. Drought had taken its toll. Pine Bore Beetles had finished it off. The big tree finally just gave up…and died. There must have been twenty other trees and bushes in its path that felt the heavy weight of the Pine tree’s demise as it crashed among them.


Rom 14:7  "For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself."


We seldom consider the consequences of our actions. We even less often consider the impact that our actions will have upon the innocent lives around us. If we lived our life as though everyone were watching and imitating what we do, I'm sure many of us would be more conscientious of our conduct. As Paul told the saints of the church at Rome: "None of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself". Every life affects other lives. No man is an island. Everyone influences others, either for good or for evil.


There are those who grow tall and strong in the Lord, developing the mindset that they can reach up and touch the very face of God. Those men, women and young people are they who exemplify the kind of godly life that others respect and try to emulate. The giants among us inspire us, challenge us encourage us by their example to be stronger, do better grow taller in the Lord. There are others who fail miserably and crash conspicuously down into the forest, crushing the good people in their way, leaving destruction and death in their path.


We have been entrusted with the magnificent responsibility of setting a wise and godly example for the souls around us who look to our life as a soaring illustration of what pleases God. Our actions and conduct have a direct impact on more souls than we can imagine. We can either set an example of great faithfulness, or great failure. Let's make sure our life and actions are pleasing to God. Let's challenge others to grow taller, live deeper love greater as the children of the King. Our faithful example is the inspiration for the current, as well as the next generation of believers. Let's live constructively, fruitfully and avoid the decimating ruin that poor choices have on those around us. See the Possibilities!



The Year of Possibilities!