2012 Bulletins "Do the WORD!"

January 2012 "ONE SOLITARY WORD"

                                                                                                           H. L. Sheppard


                                                                                                           January 2012




One solitary word uttered from His holy lips and the heavenly host falls suddenly silent; all of creation ceases its creaking and groaning; ocean waves rise and fall quietly in undulating rhythms of reverent obeisance. The majestic mountain top humbly conceals its proud face behind thick clouds when His word pierces its snowy peak. The strutting peacock, with its haughty plumage of  visually stunning beauty, folds its richly appointed garment of glory and hides it away when God’s eternal word comes wafting through the forest. Spindly kings on golden thrones quake with fear; children listen carefully in awe and wonderment while prophets reach for ink and papyrus to record every precious syllable of His glorious word. There is nothing so sweet to the human ear, nothing so precious to the broken heart, nothing more reassuring to the hurting soul than a single word from a loving God.


With a word He formed gaseous stars in far-flung galaxies spread across a universe so immeasurable some astronomers wonder if it ever ends. He thrust a word into the invisible and miraculously drew out the visible. Then, the very same word became the foundation upon which His entire word-born creation would be fixed forever.


Skilled poets have penned touching verse that has moved men to tears. Talented composers have rendered melodious songs that have elevated the listener to exalted heights of human emotion. Brilliant wordsmiths have challenged the mind’s thought, explored the limits of human understanding, even propelled men into heinous wars sending them to a certain death, all with a word. But, man’s word on his best day is still weighted by time. God’s word is eternal!


His word opens blinded eyes. His word raises up the dead sons of weeping widows. His word stills deadly storms and quiets howling winds. His word speaks silently to the harlot standing on the street corner and overwhelms her with a desire to shed her tears upon His feet and dry them with the hairs of her head. His word emboldens 16 year old boys to fight giants with a sling-shot and a few stones. His word liberates sinners, sets captives free, gives hope to the hopeless, help to the hurting, and new life to the dying.


His word is a lamp to our feet, a light to our path. It is a sharp two-edged sword that pierces so deep into the human condition, that it discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart. His word saves, heals and is the solution to every problem. His word is eternal, and eternally settled in heaven. There is no rhetoric, no matter how compelling, no matter how convincing, no matter how rational sounding no matter how plausible it seems…there is no man-devised word that can move men toward eternal things like the infinite, infallible, utterly divine word of Almighty God.