2012 Bulletins "Do the WORD!"


                                                                                                       H. L. Sheppard


                                                                                                       February 2012





Prov 23:23  Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.


It has been sprinkled into the speeches of great men throughout history who have inspired their people to press on through great hardship.


It has been the road map by which nations have plotted their future and established their governments.


It has been the moral compass of wise presidents and kings, rich men and paupers the young and the old.


It has challenged sin where ever it has been preached.


It has shined the penetrating light of truth into the inner sanctum of Satanic darkness and deception.


It has been maligned and misunderstood by the world’s atheistic intelligentsia yet it is still the most brilliantly written, eternally sure incomparable composition ever placed into human hands.


It has been burned, mutilated, subjectively translated, ridiculed and debated for two millennia and still it survives as the most widely distributed book in the history of the world.


Its verses were penned by at least forty human scribes in sixty-six books and yet its continuity is the unmistakable dictation of only one author, God Almighty Himself.


Its pages contain the words of eternal life, the wisdom by which to navigate the troubled waters of this life, the plan that saves any man who obeys its instruction and the prophetic utterance that reveals God’s divine plan for tomorrow.


Never has a book been written that so thoroughly encompasses the entire scope of the human condition, defines and directs men toward a viable resolution of the mysteries of life and consummates the interaction of the human with the divine by the infilling of the Holy Spirit.


If the Bible were the only book ever written, mankind would have every word necessary to build kingdoms on a solid moral foundation, to teach children to read, conduct business with the highest degree of integrity, to build a vibrant and thriving economy to raise loving families to become quality people and solid citizens.


No wonder the wise man instructs us to “buy the truth, and sell it not…”. The Bible is the incomparable, infallible unimpeachable Word of God. It should always be bought….never sold. Its value is too great, its benefits to vital to the human soul to attempt life without it. No matter what the cost, no matter what sacrifice must be made…Buy the Truth, and sell it not!