2012 Bulletins "Do the WORD!"


H. L. Sheppard


December 2012

The Spirit of Christmas

Once upon a time, in a land beyond the stars, there lived a kind old benevolent God of Wisdom. In the evening He would climb a spiral staircase that led to the palace roof where His all-seeing eye could survey the vastness of his far-flung kingdom. From this lofty vantage point He observed everything, even the cavernous expanses of time and eternity. He could see a beautifully adorned earth with snowcapped mountains, verdant meadows and sandy beaches kissed lovingly by deep blue oceans. He watched gorgeous peacocks, with their rainbow plumage, strutting proudly through emerald green forests. Even mankind was viewed with the tenderness that only a kind and generous creator could feel for such a magnificent creature. But something seemed to be missing from this picturesque pastoral setting.

With a Word, the God of Wisdom spat worlds into existence. He spanned the length and breadth of a universe with his omnipresent hand. His omniscient mind had concocted and carried out a creative mission so complex, that scientists would puzzle over its mysteries for centuries without solving all of its intricate conundrums. And yet, after all of this, there was something yet to be done that would bring this fantastic eclectic mix of elements together into one unified whole.

What could He have left out? What else could possibly be done to verify His love and validate His presence?

Something deep within His heart welled up and flowed over and into every corner of His being. A gushing well of infinite wisdom poured forth the answer to his dilemma:

“A child, I will create a child! “And from this child a Spirit will emanate that will cause all of creation to pause in wonderment!”

And so it was that the God of Wisdom crowned His creative masterpiece with Heaven’s ultimate diadem…Jesus!

Now, 2,000 years after his birth, the whole world experiences a miraculous transformation during the month set aside to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. People are kinder to one another, more considerate and thoughtful. In recorded history, there have even been battles that were temporarily halted as hardened soldiers were moved by the Spirit of the Christ Child, the Spirit of Christmas.

It is all encompassing, this “Spirit of Christmas.” It touches the young and old alike. It transforms scrooges into generous benefactors. It causes prisoners to be thankful for a Wise God, in spite of their dubious plight. It reminds the physically afflicted that a baby born in Bethlehem can bring hope into the most dire of circumstances. It binds up the broken heart of those against whom life has dealt its harsh blows. It consoles the mourning, heals the wounded, soothes the hurting, comforts the afflicted and brings peace to a troubled soul.

No wonder they call Him “The God of Wisdom”…Who else could have conceived of anything so extraordinary, so awesome so utterly perfect as “The Spirit of Christmas?!?”

Luke 2:20 And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.

Share the Spirit of Christmas this glorious holiday season!