2013 Bulletins "The Year of Harmony"

January 2013 "BULLETIN!"


H. L. Sheppard


                                                                                                     January 2013


Dear Pastor, you often stress attendance at worship as being very important
for a Christian, but I think a person has a right to miss now and then. I
think every person ought to be excused for the following reasons and the
number of times indicated:

-Christmas (Sunday before or after)
-New Year (Party lasted too long)
-Easter (Get away for holidays)
-July 4 (National holiday)
-Labor Day (Need to get away)
-Memorial Day (Visit hometown)
-School Closing (Kids need break)
-School Opens (One last fling)
-Family Reunions (Mine & wife's)
-Sleep late (Saturday night parties)
-Deaths in Family
-Sickness (One per family member)
-Business Trips (A must)
-Vacation (Three weeks)
-Bad Weather (Ice, snow, rain, clouds, heat wave)
-Ball games
-Unexpected Company (Can't walk out)
-Time changes (Spring ahead; fall back)
-Special on TV (Super Bowl, etc.)

Pastor, that now leaves us two Sundays per year. So, you can count on us to
be in church on:

*The 4th Sunday in February and
* The 4th Sunday in August unless providentially hindered.

Sincerely, Your most faithful member