2014 Bulletins "God is Love"

April 2014 "Because God is LOVE"

H. L. Sheppard


April 2014



God’s holy judgment would have wiped out the entire human race with a flood, but LOVE slipped down out of the ethereal and tipped off an old man called Noah, gave him the blueprints for an escape vehicle then warned him to get on the ark seven days before the rains came. Why would He schedule a judgment then let Noah in on His plans? Because GOD IS LOVE!

Demonic powers swirled around Him in a vortex of spiritual darkness that stalked Him all the way to the garden. They clawed at His soul like wild animals upon captured prey. Before He ever faced an accuser, before one stripe lacerated His back, before a nail was ever driven into His tender skin, the forces of Hell had already begun their emotional and psychological mutilation of his humanity.

He wept profusely. Anxiety poured from His furrowed brow like bloody perspiration. He was not being asked merely to die. His was to be a brutal, agonizing torturous death. His passing would not be the quiet slipping away of a weary traveler, silently exiting this veil of tears during the painless unconsciousness of sleep. His life would be viciously torn from Him; one bloody lash at a time, one false accusation at a time, one thorny crown, one rusty nail , one rough-hewn cross at a time!

But He’s going to go all the way to Calvary. He’s going to take it all, endure it all suffer it all because He loved me, sinner that I was, He loved me. Why would He choose to face Calvary, and all of its torture, head on without giving up? Because GOD IS LOVE AND….when God’s Judgment requires a Sacrifice, God’s LOVE always provides a LAMB.

LOVE will always go the second mile.

LOVE will always find a way to forgive.

LOVE will always file an appeal to the higher court of God’s Mercy.

LOVE will always try to find a way to appease judgment’s wrath.

LOVE will always search the far flung omniscience of God’s great law for a loophole that gives an Adam, a David, A Peter, A People a World ONE MORE CHANCE TO REPENT Because GOD IS LOVE!


1) To give LOVE without strings attached

2) To be tolerant without compromising Truth

3) To give something of value every week to someone unrelated (A kind note, word, lend a hand with a need, change a tire, small gift, money etc.).

4) To develop a "lifestyle" of showing love.