2011 Bulletins "The Year of Possibilities"



                                                                                                H. L. Sheppard
                                                                                                Bulletin/Annual Theme
                                                                                                February 2011 
It sometimes seems so trite and cliché’. Nevertheless, the statement “a new day is dawning” carries great meaning to some people. 
To a soldier whose life had been spared after an I.E.D. exploded near his Humvee, “a new day is dawning” meant that he was not invincible and that every day of his life became more precious to him:
“All of a sudden, you grow up and you’re not invincible any more.  You’re 24.  You’re in Iraq.  And something like that happens.  It makes you realize, ‘Hey, I may not live to see 25 or 26.’” 
To a gospel composer “a new day is dawning” conjured up the glory of rapture and the nearness of heaven:
I’m getting ready for a new day dawning  
I’m getting ready for a brand new morning  
Packing my bags for a heavenly journey  
I can’t wait to be there
To a business woman who survived bankruptcy “a new day is dawning” was the day she realized that she had made it through an extremely rough financial time in her life and now she had the chance to start over again:
“I'm not entirely out from under the financial mess of my former company. “Thankfully, I now have a banker who believes in me (not to mention my husband). “And I finally believe in myself.” 
To a recovered drug addict “a new day is dawning” was the day she was overwhelmed with thankfulness that she was finally able to escape the sharp claws of her addiction, rescued by the gentle hands of a loving Savior:
“I am forever grateful…to find (my soul) where it always was, nestled in the hands of God.” 
For the people of The Church of Columbus a new day is dawning in 2011. 
2010 was "The Year of Dreamers". Our theme was "Dreamers Don't See Problems, They See Possibilities".
We "Dreamed" our way through the "Problems". We are a resilient People. We have endured hardships like good soldiers.  We have kept on walking when most would have sat down and refused to go a step further.
We trusted God to lead us through the treacherous desert of trials, tests, disappointments and heart-rending setbacks. Yet here we are at the entrance to the Promised Land. We made it to 2011. We're still alive. We're still walking by faith. We have not given up. We have not turned around. We have not quit on God. We have chosen Faithfulness over Failure. We have made it through the rough places. We might not be thriving, but we are surviving. We might not be flying high, but we are walking tall.
A new day is dawning for we have finally arrived at the time when all that we have prayed for, hoped for, dreamed about is here. We have stepped across the threshold of 2011. We have finally entered “The Year of Possibilities”!
I will be preaching about “The Year of Possibilities” during our Annual Theme Service on Sunday, February 6th.  Make sure you are there, and bring your family and friends with you.
By the authority vested in this pastor by the divine calling and anointing of God; I declare to The Church of Columbus that the year of 2011 is: