2011 Bulletins "The Year of Possibilities"



                                                                                                      H. L. Sheppard
                                                                                                      March 2011

Abraham stood at the bathroom sink staring into the mirror, trimming his beard and brushing his teeth after breakfast. It was still early morning. Staring back at him from the mirror on the wall was the weathered face of a hurting old man, an old man who had just been told by God to sacrifice his only son by his beloved Sarah. He couldn’t see the miracle on the other side of the sacrifice. How could Abraham know that God had already sent a ram to substitute for his little lamb, Isaac?

When they arrived at the place of sacrifice, Abraham did what he had always done. He had been living for God a long time. God had been faithful to him. Now, regardless of the cost, Abraham is going to be faithful to God. With every fiber of his will, with every ounce of courage he could muster, with Isaac at his side he assaulted the summit of Moriah.  Abraham didn’t know about the ram. He just knew that God would be faithful to the faithful.

No sooner than he had raised the knife to sacrifice his son, a divine voice stopped the old man’s hand in mid plunge.  The omniscient God who sees the end from the beginning had already pre-planned this solemn scene of holy sacrifice. While Abraham was making his way up one side of Moriah, God’s angels were directing a ram up the other side. While Abraham was preparing his son for the altar, the angels were wrapping thicket vines around the horns of the ram. God had already decided that today was going to be Abraham’s “Day of Possibilities”.

He climbed up Mt. Moriah with Lamb Faith, but he came back down that mountain with Ram Faith. Abraham’s day began with concerns, apprehensions and uncertainty. His day ended with a testimony so powerful it was recorded in the greatest book ever written!

You are just as dear to the heart of God as was Abraham. He will work in your life just as He did in the life of that old patriarch of faith. When He asks you to sacrifice those things that are so precious to you, just remember: God is always faithful to the faithful, and this is “YOUR YEAR OF POSSIBILITIES”!
Luke 1:37  For with God nothing shall be impossible.