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TitleSubjectDelivered ByDate
Expository Study #2Pastor H.L. SheppardSunday,
February 23, 2020
You Can't Hide You #2Mind renovationPastor H.L. SheppardWednesday,
February 19, 2020
8:00 PM
Expository Study Exodus 3Moses' conversation with a talking bushPastor SheppardSunday,
February 16, 2020
10:00 AM
You Can't Hide YouTelltale signs of the real youPastor SheppardWednesday,
February 12, 2020
7:45 PM
Never Giving Up On My HouseNever Giving Up On My HouseBro. Brad FainSunday,
February 9, 2020
11:00 AM
Why We Must Study the Bible Part 3It's a matter of life or death!Pastor SheppardWednesday,
February 5, 2020
8:00 PM
The Year of Smooth StonesTheme Service 2020...Giant Killers use Smooth StonesPastor H.L. SheppardSunday,
February 2, 2020
11:15 AM
The Sacrifice of ConvenienceThe Sacrifice of ConvenienceYouth Pastor: D. JettSunday,
January 26, 2020
11:30 AM
Why We Must Study the Bible Part 2It's a matter of life or death!Pastor SheppardWednesday,
January 22, 2020
7:30 PM
Why We Must Study the BibleIt's a matter of life or death!Pastor SheppardWednesday,
January 15, 2020
8:00 PM
Laws of JesusBiblical imperatives that are incontrovertiblePastor SheppardSunday,
December 29, 2019
11:45 AM
The BibleGod gave us only one BiblePastor SheppardSunday,
December 1, 2019
11:00 AM
Bitcoin and Antichrist Part 2Money and Technology MergePastor SheppardSunday,
October 13, 2019
10:45 AM
A Place By MeA PlacePastor SheppardWednesday,
October 9, 2019
8:00 PM
Bitcoin and AntichristEnd-Time Evolution of MoneyPastor SheppardSunday,
October 6, 2019
11:00 AM
Marked Men (Personal Prayer)Omitting daily personal prayer is a sinPastor SheppardSunday,
July 7, 2019
11:30 AM
A Lonely PlaceEaster Sunday 2019 (Loneliness)Pastor SheppardSunday,
April 21, 2019
11:00 AM
Praise Is Not WorshipWorship is the submission of the willPastor SheppardSunday,
November 18, 2018
11:15 AM
Nothing Shall Offend MeMUST HEAR lesson if you've been "Offended"Pastor SheppardSunday,
June 10, 2018
10:00 AM
MercyMercy's here, but Judgment is coming!Pastor SheppardSunday,
August 13, 2017
11:30 AM