Evangelism Ministries

Minister of Evangelism: Rev. David Hill



Evangelism Ministries




Home bible studies, Father's House, spiritual growth courses and dinner ministry are a few of the outreach and growth ministries of our church. We want to win souls for God's kingdom and strengthen them in His word, so they can, in turn, win others to him. If you would like to have a home bible study please contact Rev. David Hill at dfhfupc@bellsouth.net for more information. This is a free and exciting series you are sure to enjoy.









Recreation Ministry


"We Understand The Times"
I Chronicles 12:32


 n this latter day we realize that many people will never darken the doorway of a church unless someone reaches out to them with an invitation, or gives them a "reason" to come.  Our men meet every Monday at 7:30PM  in the gym for recreation.




In past years we have sponsored a basketball and softball team, and through these two ministries have been able to reach many souls in our community. Though winning is not the only goal, it surely does not hurt! Our teams have placed in several tournaments! Organized games are held at area ball fields and courts and are refereed by members of the local Christian sports board. For more information on the above please contact our church office at (706) 571-0919.